Shiseido Professional Adenovital Eyelash Serum 6g-Japanese Taste

Shiseido Professional Adenovital Eyelash Serum 6g

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This is a serum for eyelashes, which was born as a result of Shiseido's thorough research on eyelashes.

It contains ingredients that help eyelashes to grow and protect them from damages.


  • Hair repair ingredient is incorporated.
  • The flocky tip reaches to hairlines.
  • Free of fragrance, coloring, and mild formula.
  • Jujube is added as an ingredient for growing eyelashes.


Recommended to use twice a day, morning and night.

Take the serum on the chip. (Do not put too much in order to avoid the serum to go into eyes)

Apply the serum gently on your eyelash and its hairlines.

You can also use it on eyelash extensions and perms.


  • Contents: 6g
  • Made in: Japan

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