Shiseido Spots Cover Foundation Control Correction 18g-Japanese Taste

Shiseido Spots Cover Foundation Control Correction 18g

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Shiseido Spots Cover Foundation has an excellent function to cover parts of the skin difficult to hide with normal makeup.

Designed to provide full coverage of spots, bruises, blemishes, scars, marks, etc.

Control (correction) color choices:

  • #C1 (Mild White) Red bruises without dullness, small red bruising correction, and flesh color to your favorite brightness.
  • #C2 (Beige-like Yellow) It is suitable for deep red bruising, correction of large red bruises.


Recommended to use  partially since the cream type foundation covers and stays on the skin very well.

To remove use a cleanser and makeup remover since it is a hard foundation.


  • Contents: 20g
  • Made in: Japan

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