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    Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Face Mask Royal Jelly 3 Sheets-Japanese Taste


    Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Face Mask Royal Jelly 3 Sheets


    These Golden Jelly facial mask sheets are packed with 33g of ceramide, squalane and 8 types of amino acids to moisturize and soften your skin.

    This mask contains royal jelly as special ingredient to penetrate deep into your skin and deliver even more moisture to the stratum corneum.

    • 33g (1.16oz) of golden beauty jelly.
    • Sheets adhere well into skin.
    • Softens stiff and dry-adult skin.
    • Contains lavender, geranium and clove essential oils for a relaxing and natural herbal aroma.
    • Colorant-Free, Mineral Oil-Free, Alcohol-Free, Artificial Fragrance-Free

    Massage the bag lightly before opening to make jelly fit on the sheet.

    Use mask after washing face and applying lotion.

    Align the mask. Sheet has cuttings to fit the shape and size of the face. According to the size of nose, mouth, jaw and contours, wrap the entire face with sheet.

    Remover the mask after a while and follow with another moisturizing product; milk or cream. Let's keep the skin smooth by preventing the evaporation of moisture.

    Use the left over jelly in the bag. You can apply it on the face, neck, arms or legs.

    • Net contents: 3 sheets
    • Made in Japan
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