This company has its head factory in Seki city, a place where swordsmiths developed sword-forging techniques approximately 700 years ago, which is still Japan’s major production site of metal processing, especially blades for cutting tools. Originally specializing in razor blades, they have developed ultra-precision blade technology since their inception, and this has allowed them to expand their business to include the surgery and hairdressing industries. Among their products, the High Stainless series, a lineup of exchangeable blades for double-edged safety razors, is supported by users all over the world.

Individual consumers may also be interested in their nail clippers because of their proficient and long-lasting cutting capacity as well as their ergonomic design. Once you use their nail clippers, you will be convinced that Japanese nail clippers are a great staple for nail care. Other personal-use products from Feather include shaving gel, hair trimmer, and shavers for the bikini area.