Basing themselves around the concept of “the producer of sweets in your life”, Grapestone has opened various kinds of confectionery stores, mainly in department stores across Japan to offer new value to the confectionery market. Although originally, their main business was the management of restaurants, they are well-recognized as a company that offers unique and memorable sweets exclusive to Japan.

Among their sweet brands, a fluffy sponge cake with banana-flavored custard filling called Tokyo Banana is famous for its exclusivity (sold in Tokyo only); however, many consumers including those outside of Japan are attracted to its taste. A sandwich cookie called Sugar Butter Sand Tree is also worth trying because of its combination of crispy cookies and buttercream filling.

Take a bite of Grapestone’s confectionery and discover why their products are perfect for souvenir gifts for others or a special treat for yourself. Their sweets will provide new enjoyment for your snacking game.