Kuriyama Befco

Kuriyamabeika, also known as Befco specializes in manufacturing rice-based confectionery. Its corporate brand Befco is an acronym for Beika (rice snack), Frontier, and Company, and it represents its commitment to creating new types of rice snacks in an unconventional way. Their best-sellers are Bakauke, Seto Shio, Hoshitabeyo, and more. If you are a fan of rice confectionery, their okaki and arare (both are made from glutinous rice, while senbei, on the other hand, is made from non-glutinous rice) will also provide a good taste experience.

Bakauke is a long oval-shaped rice cracker that comes in various flavors from their signature soy sauce and aonori seaweed flakes to rich and sweet corn soup seasoning. Seto Shio is a mild salty sembei that has a fluffy texture, so if you do not like the general hard bite of senbeis, you are sure to like the Seto Shio. Hoshitabeyo literally means “let’s eat a star”, and it has a star-shaped appearance, mild salt flavor with a hint of chicken, onion, and bonito, and a pleasant crispiness.