Shiseido Parlour

The Shiseido Parlour refers to a sweet shop, cafe, and restaurant run by Japanese beauty giant Shiseido, and is located in the same building: the Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building. This complex facility offers a wide range of luxurious services to give your everyday life sophisticated and beautiful value.

There are a number of products exclusively sold in the Shiseido Parlour that can act as perfect souvenir gifts for gourmet consumers. Its signature sweets include a custard pudding with an intense flavor of Jersey milk and silky-smooth texture as well as a baked cheesecake that contains a filling of Danish cream cheese to give it a wonderful aroma and pleasantly melty feel in your mouth. You can also enjoy its ready-to-eat curry based on a recipe that has been inherited by successive chefs in the Shiseido Parlour Restaurant. This premium European-style curry is also a great choice for fans of Japanese curry. Expect an elegant gastronomy experience from the Shiseido Parlour’s stylish and delicious treats.