Yamaroku Shoyu is a traditional Japanese soy sauce brewery established in Shodo island, a part of Shikoku’s Kagawa Prefecture that is famous for Japanese olive cultivation, the production of somen (thin wheat noodles), and the brewing of shoyu (soy sauce).

Yamaroku's soy sauce is still made in large wooden barrels called Kioke which have been used for over 150 years since their foundation. The passage of time makes the lactic acid bacteria and yeasts settle tightly inside the barrels, giving the soy sauce a distinctive flavor and taste. What makes this soy sauce different from others is Yamaroku's "re-fermentation method": while other soy sauces are sold into the market after 2 years of fermentation, Yamaroku extracts the soy sauce once from the barrel, then puts it back into the barrel, and ferments it for another 2 years. This makes the flavor very rich, slightly sweet, and full of umami.

Yamaroku's goal is to keep the process of making traditional soy sauce alive which includes naturally fermenting and brewing the soy sauce for a long time in kioke barrels. Try this authentic barrel-aged soy sauce for a distinctive and unique taste.