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    How To Make Katsu Sando (Pork Cutlet Sandwich) At Home-Japanese Taste

    How To Make Katsu Sando (Pork Cutlet Sandwich) At Home

    by Ayumi Matsuo

    Sandwich Pork Tonkatsu Tonkatsu Sauce Shokupan

    Tonkatsu sando is a sandwich that takes tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) to a whole new level. If you’re a lover of sandwiches and tonkatsu, then why not combine them together and enjoy them at the same time? This delectable sandwich consists of pork cutlet dressed in savory tonkatsu sauce, topped with shredded cabbage, and wrapped in two pieces of fluffy shokupan. 

    If you’re unfamiliar with shokupan, it is the most standard type of bread in Japan and is usually the go-to bread for sandwiches. It has a light and fluffy texture but becomes chewy when you toast it. Its texture truly matches perfectly with tonkatsu. 

    The other ingredients in tonkatsu sandwich also play important roles in the sandwich. The shredded cabbage not only adds extra crunch to the sandwich, but it also gives the sandwich a bit of a fresh taste and makes it less heavy. The use of tonkatsu sauce makes the sandwich taste more savory, and it truly brings the whole sandwich together. 

    With a bit of time and the right ingredients, you can definitely make katsu sando at home! We already have recipes for tonkatsu and shokupan which you can of course use to make this recipe. We also sell a variety of tonkatsu sauces on our website, so you can find the best one that suits your needs. 

    Let’s get on to making this delicious and savory sandwich at home.


    Prep time: 15 mins

    Cook time: 10 mins

    Total time: 25 mins

    Total servings: 1

    Difficulty: Easy

    • 2 Slices of Shokupan (1-2cm thick)
    • 10g Butter
    • Tonkatsu (1 or 2 pieces, depending on the size)
    • 2 Tbsp Tonkatsu Sauce
    • 100g Cabbage

    Expert's Tip

    xOliver Japanese Tonkatsu Sauce 360g

    The kind of tonkatsu sauce you use is very important when making Tonkatsu sando. Since it is one of the main flavors present in the sandwich, it is important to pick a tonkatsu sauce that you like. Since every brand of tonkatsu sauce tastes slightly different, it may be tricky to know where to start. If you're a beginner to tonkatsu sauce and don't know which one to pick, we recommend Oliver Tonkatsu Sauce

    Oliver Tonkatsu Sauce has the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and salty flavor, and also contains many unique-to-tonkatsu spices. It is a savory sauce that will make tonkatsu sando absolutely delicious. 


    Ingredients for tonkatsu sando
    1) Gathering the Ingredients

    Gather the ingredients together. 

    Shredding the cabbage
    2) Shred the Cabbage

    Shred the cabbage into small pieces using a knife or mandolin. 

    Adding tonkatsu sauce to each piece of tonkatsu
    3) Saucing the Tonkatsu

    Spread tonkatsu sauce over each piece of tonkatsu (if using multiple pieces.) This will prevent the tonkatsu from drying out in the sandwich. 

    Tip: It is also recommended to add tonkatsu sauce to the bread and cabbage to give the sandwich more flavor. 

    Buttering the toasted shokupan
    4) Preparing the Shokupan

    Lightly toast each piece of shokupan in a toaster oven until they are golden brown. Melt the butter in the microwave and lightly butter each piece of bread. 

    Adding the first layer of shredded cabbage to the sandwich Adding the tonkatsu on top of the shredded cabbage Adding the rest of the cabbage to the sandwich Tonkatsu sando, wrapped in plastic wrap
    5) Assembling the Sandwich

    Add as much shredded cabbage as you would like, and then top with the sauced tonkatsu. Then top the tonkatsu with another layer of shredded cabbage. Finally, add the second piece on top and then tightly cover the sandwich in plastic wrap and rest it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. 

    Sliced tonkatsu sando Finished tonkatsu sando
    6) Slicing the Sandwich

    Take the sandwich out of the refrigerator and slice it in half. For tonkatsu sando, it is popular to slice it down the middle but you can also slice it vertically if you wish. Now all that's left to do is enjoy! 

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