When you are in Japan, and trying to buy tea at either a convenience store, grocery store, or vending machine, you are likely to always find tea made by Itoen. The fact that the company is a global leading brand of green tea and holds the Guinness World Record for achieving the world's highest sales in green tea beverages means that Itoen is very likely to fulfill your green tea requirements. They are also an ethically good producer: thanks to sustainable farming practices. They use natural and safe tea leaves only, and this approach was recognized and evaluated positively overseas. Enjoy the taste of their authentic green tea to appreciate its pleasant aroma and multiple health benefits that Japanese people have been benefiting from since ancient times.

Ready-to-drink green teas are not the only products that Itoen offers. You can create homemade green tea with their green tea leaves, or you can even drink it in a more instant way by mixing their quickly-dissolvable green tea powders with water. Replace your daily beverage with Itoen’s green tea to experience Japanese culinary culture in a convenient way.