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japanese senbei

Senbei Crackers

Senbei crackers are a snack enjoyed by many ranging from children to adults in Japan. Typically made from rice, they are a light, crispy, and healthier alternative to potato chips. There are also fried, and non-fried versions available. Senbei crackers are a very multi-purpose snack because they can be a quick afternoon snack, or even accompany a cold glass of beer as a drinking snack. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, big bags and small packs, so they are very convenient to take on the go or enjoy while binge watching your favorite show. The best part is that they even come in a variety of flavors! If you're looking to try a traditional flavor like shoyu, a western flavor like curry, or even a unique flavor like taco rice, you can find all of these flavors and more here on Japanese Taste.