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    How to Make Sushi Rice at Home-Japanese Taste

    How to Make Sushi Rice at Home

    by Ayumi Matsuo

    Side dish Rice Sushi

    Sushi rice is the foundation of so many Japanese dishes beyond sushi. It consists of steamed Japanese short-grain rice that has been seasoned with vinegar, salt, and sugar. Besides sushi, it is used as a base for chirashi sushi, poke bowls, kaisendon, and more. 

    In Japan, the same type of short-grain rice used for rice bowls, onigiri, and other dishes is also used for making sushi rice. However, some companies overseas have started selling rice for making sushi marketed as 'Sushi Rice'. As long as you have the normal short-grain rice used in Japanese cooking, you can make sushi rice easily at home. 

    When it comes to seasoning sushi rice, you can use either unseasoned or seasoned rice vinegar. Since we are making our own seasoning mixture for this recipe, we will use unseasoned rice vinegar. The difference between the two is that seasoned rice vinegar already contains the sugar and salt needed for seasoning sushi rice. However, a con of using it's harder to control the final taste of the sushi rice. Not to mention, there may be other chemicals or preservatives added that you may not want in your final dish. When making your own seasoned rice vinegar (by using the non-seasoned kind) you can control exactly how sweet or salty the mixture is, and what goes into it. 

    We've previously shared recipes for how to cook rice in a rice cooker and in a pot, so feel free to use those recipes when cooking the short-grain rice for sushi rice. Once you have the cooked and cooled rice, all you need to do is season it with the vinegar-based seasoning and it's ready to be used. Now, let's get to the recipe! 


    Prep time: 10 mins

    Cook time: 40 mins

    Total time: 50 mins

    Total servings: 4

    Difficulty: Easy

    • 500g Warm Cooked Rice
    • 40g Rice Vinegar (Unseasoned)
    • 25g Sugar
    • 7g Salt

    Expert's Tip

    Uchibori Mino Premium Sushi Rice Vinegar 360ml

    When it comes to making sushi rice at home, using high-quality rice vinegar is extremely important. The taste and quality of sushi rice are said to be the most important factors when determining what a good piece of sushi is, so using the good stuff definitely helps! This seasoned sushi rice vinegar also contains kombu seaweed, which helps to give your sushi rice a more unique and umami flavor. It also contains the other essential seasonings that you need for making sushi such as salt and sugar. If you don't want to make your own sushi vinegar at home, consider trying out this sushi vinegar instead. You can also use it to season vegetables, or add it to salad dressing.


    Gathering the Ingredients
    1) Gathering the Ingredients

    Gather the ingredients together. 

    Making the Sushi Vinegar
    2) Making the Sushi Vinegar

    Combine the salt and sugar into the rice vinegar and mix until the sugar has completely dissolved.

    Seasoning the Rice
    3) Seasoning the Rice

    Add the seasoning mixture to the rice and thoroughly distribute it into all of the rice grains. 

    Fanning the Rice
    4) Fanning the Rice

    Use a fan to cool the rice while simultaneously distributing the seasoning mixture into the rice. This will help the seasoning to easily incorporate into the rice and will prevent it from becoming too sticky. Then, it's ready to be used. 

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