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japanese tea and coffee gadgets

Tea & Coffee Gadgets

Browse our unique range of Japanese tea and coffee gadgets and make the perfect cup of matcha or premium-quality coffee at home.

For tea lovers, products like our cast iron kettles will help you to recreate the art of the Japanese tea ceremony and bring a little zen atmosphere to your morning tea break. Known as tetsubin in Japanese, cast iron kettles are used for boiling water and are extremely durable, lasting for generations if well-cared for. Their simple, minimalist design complements the mindfulness and patience required for the tea ceremony.

Coffee aficionados can delight in our range of coffee gadgets, including coffee grinders, filters, and drip kettles. Popular throughout Japan’s third-wave coffee shops and cafes, drip kettles have a considerable impact on how well the coffee is brewed. A drip kettle gives you total control over the speed and strength of pouring, resulting in balanced, better tasting coffee, every time you use it.