7 Delicious Nori Seaweed Snacks You Can Try at Home

Seven Delicious Nori Seaweed Snacks You Can Try at Home-Japanese Taste
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    Have you tried Japanese nori seaweed before? Maybe you thought it was just that green seaweed stuff that you find on the beach, but nori seaweed is actually edible and delicious. It’s packed with umami flavor, is salty, and has a pleasant taste reminiscent of the ocean. These days, nori is not only enjoyed as a wrapping for Japanese sushi rolls or a topping for rice, it is also commonly added to Japanese snacks, too! If you love salty and savory snacks, you have to try nori snacks! 

    Below are our top recommendations for Japanese nori snacks that you can try at home – no cooking or preparation required!

    Masuya Onigiri Senbei Rice Crackers

    Japanese senbei are a type of rice cracker made by baking rice flour dough with sugar and soy sauce. They can be sweet or savory in taste, baked or fried, and are mostly made with a type of non-glutinous Japanese short-grain rice called uruchimai. Senbei have a long history in Japan, dating as far back as the 8th century. These onigiri senbei from Masuya are triangle shaped like the rice ball and are flavored with soy sauce and shredded nori seaweed to create a crunchy snack.



    Daiko Noriten Wasabi Tempura Seaweed Snack

    These light and crispy treats combine the flavor of wasabi with nori to create an addictive and flavorful snack. Other flavors within Daiko’s range of nori snacks include nori and salt, nori and soy sauce, nori and red pepper, and nori with lemon. Their snacks are available to purchase in different sizes too, from individual bags to packs of 10.


    Daiko Noriten Wasabi Tempura Seaweed Snack 70g


    Kanro Nori Seaweed Chips with Wasabi Crumbs

    This healthy snack from Kanro is made by baking seaweed from Japan’s Ariake Sea with wasabi grains and seaweed salt. This tasty treat can also be eaten guilt-free as each packet contains only 12 calories!

    Kanro Nori Seaweed Chips with Wasabi Crumbs 4.4g


    Kameda Norimaki Senbei Rice Cracker with Nori Seaweed

    This crunchy nori-flavored snack from Japan’s leading rice snack company is made from rice, flavored with bonito broth and soy sauce, and wrapped in plenty of nori seaweed. It’s a popular snack among children, and for adults it makes a great beer snack!


    Kameda Norimaki Senbei Nori Seaweed Rice Crackers 12 Pieces


    Befco Seto Shio Senbei Rice Crackers

    These fried rice crackers come in an assortment of flavors including shrimp, salted nori seaweed, and salted yuzu citrus. The luxurious fried rice crackers are made using three kinds of seaweed to create a crispy snack that melts in your mouth.


    Kameda Noripea Pack Nori Seaweed Rice Cracker & Peanut Snack

    This is a mixed snack that includes rice crackers wrapped with nori seaweed and roasted peanuts. The rice crackers are seasoned with soy sauce and a splash of dashi stock while peanuts are simply roasted and lightly salted. The nori seaweed adds a nice crunch, along with an extra umami flavor that pairs perfectly with the rice crackers and peanuts. 


    Calbee Norishio Salted Seaweed Potato Chips

    The thinly sliced chips have a crispy texture and light mouthfeel. These potato chips are seasoned with salt and two seaweeds - aonori (green laver) and aosa (sea lettuce), which go excellently with the chips' texture.


    Calbee Norishio Salted Seaweed Potato Chips Big Bag 160g (Pack of 3)



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